Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Well, hello

So, it's not that I don't WANT to blog. Honest. It's just that things are so utterly miserable that it seemed silly to write it down. But fine. I'll tell you. Winter. It has beaten us. Winter wins. We lose. The house loses, Derek's poor shoulder loses from breaking up ice on the roof. My grumpy, tired, pregnant hips lose. We lose.

New England winter has beaten us. The ceilings are leaking due to ice dams. The driveway has been snow blowed more times than we can count. The chicken run is entombed in seven feet of snow (this actually keeps the poultry warmer), it's nearly March and STILL going below zero.

We lost power last week, our generator is still broken. That little mistake earned us a $2700 pay out for a new water heater. (Buh-bye tax return. Buh-bye.)

We're so very tired. And sore. And cold. The kids can't even sled anymore. Took much snow.

Basically, I'm dreaming of summer.

This little dude is due in four weeks. Spring is scheduled to begin in four weeks.

We have pinned much hope on four weeks from now.

Just gotta make it four more weeks.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014 and New Years

Oh Christmas! You were great. We had so much fun. Low key most of the day. New toys, lots of time to play, and then two extra families for a huge HUGE Mexican feast. We just barely finished up the leftovers. Christmas is my favorite. 

Santa came. 

New tosy!! 

Too cool! 

A purse. A purse with a puppy in it. What could be better? 

Not one sibling was in the same place this Christmas. No matter. GROUP SKYPE! My parents missed out since they were on a cruise. But we all got to chat with my missionary brother, Josh. It was too fun. :) 

Then we went a week later and celebrated New Years Eve. We lasted until 10pm. Here are the kids with my friend *who has six boys and two girls of her own* popping the bubbly for our celebration. 

Ezra was EXHAUSTED. I'm not sure he'd ever been awake that late before. 

Now, tomorrow is back to real life. School, extra curriculars, etc. Just a long, cold winter looming in front of us. I'm trying really really hard not to be depressed about this. 

I'm not really succeeding. 

Happy 2015! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Ezra

We have exited the realm of Ezra as a three year old and entered Ezra as a four year old. Not too much has changed from one day to the next, but a year in rewind makes it clear, Ezra has gone from a toddler to a big preschool sized kid.

Ezra continues to love sports, basketball far and away his favorite. He is excited to be on the basketball team for kids his age starting in January. He is learning letters and their sounds and numbers. I'm glad we're passed the difficult three years old stage. He was a pretty chill three year old for the most part, but still, onward and upward.

For his birthday, Ezra decided lunch at a local diner and bowling would be just right. So, that we did. This was the first year in the last three that Derek was home and not out of town for Ezra's actual birthday, so we were able to celebrate on the day of. FUN!

Truthfully, Ezra was a bit of a grump on his big day, but we managed to help him celebrate. By baths tonight, he declared, "I like my birthday today, Mom," so I guess we succeeded.

The sadness I feel at how fuzzy this picture is... oh my. But I did manage to capture the vague idea of Ezra's "form" whilst bowling. Oh my gosh. 

Birthday singing, and his poor scratched face. 

The big "four"!

Presents! So much help from older brothers too. 

Happy Birthday Ezra Lee! We love you. :) 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2014!!!!

We had a mighty eventful Thanksgiving.

Turkey out brining in a bucket in the snow.

Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, the power goes out. That is what happens when a foot of HEAVY snow falls hard and fast.

The snow blower also breaks. All within like... five minutes!

Derek's sister and her sweet family are wending their way to our house in a blizzard from the south.

We have no power.

Take out pizza by fire place light. 

It's cool. We have a generator.

No. The generator doesn't run. AWESOME.

Amber's family shows up in the very very very dark, and I offer them left over glow sticks from Halloween. Cousin fun will not be hampered by silly things like power outages!


The men-folk (neighbor friend included, good friend from the ward also included) attempt to get our generator running. In the snow. And the dark.


Two generators. One works! One doesn't. 

Finally, good friend brings us HIS generator, because the show off had power at his own abode.

Generator comes to visit. Power is marginally restored. But no water, because we can't be greedy.

Thanksgiving dawns bright and early. MORE COUSIN FUN. Derek takes his 4wd out to get more gas for the borrowed generator.

Brother in law and Morgan FIX THE SNOW BLOWER. WE ARE AWESOME.

Brother in law snow blows! Then it breaks again.

Oh well.

Neighbor texts, they have no power, they need their generator.

QUICK! Cook the turkey before they come for their generator! We'll have Thanksgiving dinner at noon!

Melting snow to wash dishes. 


Kids in and out, no one has snow boots for the season yet (I'm a terrible mother.) In and out, in and out. In and out. Wet. Cold. Change clothes, lather, rinse, repeat.

Cousins in the snow.

Dinner is almost ready. Generator is still running. All is well.


Ezra is crying. Ezra is coming closer. I turn to see. Ezra has a gaping head wound.

Derek is dispatched again in his 4wd to get Ezra's head sewn back together.

The generator is staying! Friends have borrowed one from someone else. We can keep our power! Hurray!

Ezra gets nine stitches.

Poor Ezra's head. 

Poor bud.

Kids table.

We give thanks, we eat. We play. In and out and in and out and in and out.

Cold. wet.


Ezra in the window. 


Black Friday, we declare we are all disgusting and need baths. Still no running water.

To the church we go to play basketball in gym, and shower, etc.

Less cold and wet!

Morgan buys snow boots for everyone.

Did you know snow boots are not big "Black Friday" sale items? We paid full price. FULL PRICE.

Get home. The driveway is blocked by work crews removing the felled tree from our wires. Our felled tree. Our wires. Power? Soon?!!!

Power crews working.










Friday, November 14, 2014

Tom Turkey 2014

It's TRADITION. There isn't any way around it.

We love Tom Turkey. Thanks to crazy schedules and other things, it took us an extra few days to get him going. But here is is.

Taking pictures of five kids all at once, attempting for them to not kill each other in process and/or not look possessed is a task that I am simply not equipped to handle.

We love Thanksgiving around here. Reflecting on our blessings as the years ends is about the best way to start off the holiday season. We are grateful.

Without further ado, here is Tom Turkey + Kids 2014:

And because it's tradition, Tom Turkey + Kids through the years:


From Nov 2009

From Nov 2010

From November 2011


What can we conclude from so many years of Tom Turkey photos? My children are wacky, refuse to sit still and smile like normal humans even once a year for their poor sentimental momma. 

GO team. 

Henry's Golden Birthday

Henry turned 9 on the 9th. In THIS house, this means it's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate. Never again will he have a golden birthday. So that means golden decor, golden cake and fun. (When you're nine, I'm assuming if one's golden birthday is when they are 30, it's less exciting.)

We began his birthday celebration at a place with all the bouncy slides, etc. It's not my favorite place on the planet, but the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly so who I am to judge?

His actual birthday we had golden ice cream cake (to be exact, he wanted ice cream cake with oreos, carmel, whipped cream and cherries. ODDLY specific, bu whatever.) And presents. Then a couple days later, he got the opportunity to use the gift cards he'd been given.

If you want to please Henry give him gift cards. The first of them came from his parents and was to Harbor Freight Tools. Free money to the hardware store means that he got to buy all the gadgets. He loved it. Then to the Walmart for toys. Oh he's so funny and careful. He THINKS about his purchases. It is great. And takes a super long time.

Basically, his birthday lasted for days, just the way he likes it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

October Wrap Up

I blink and a month has passed. At the same time it takes endless patience (which I lack) to survive each day. Bed time, even on the best of days is met with a sigh of relief. We made it through the day!

October treated us beautifully. Really, the blessings are abundant.

Our month had celebrations of multiple kinds.

First, we found out what kind of baby #6 is. We laughed SOOOO much.

Of course he's a he. What else would he be? 

We enjoyed the leaves changing with incredibly mild weather, and celebrated Halloween multiple times. It was declared from boys all that Power Rangers were the thing this year. So, yeah. Power Rangers. Not my fave, but cute kids nonetheless. 

We did the ward Trunk or Treat ANNNND Trick or Treat here in our little town. It was awesome. The town takes candy donations throughout the month of October, then distributes them to the residents on Main Street and everyone in the whole town trick or treats right on Main Street. It's magic, like a movie. We had so much fun. 

October was awesome. Now we're into the chill of November, trying not to dread winter. (We are dreading winter.) November is a month with two birthdays and my second favorite Holiday! So, we have lots to look forward to still. 


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